360MC: – FMP research – Daniel Ward Interview – Art Inspiration

As I am approaching my final media piece and have to come up with an idea by the next few weeks, I decided to interview my friend Daniel Ward, an artist, in order to get a better understanding of how one comes up with an idea for an artistic piece and what research goes into it. Daniel Ward has been through this process many times and has produced some great results. The interview can be found at the link below:


The main thing I have learned from this interview is that whatever I create, I must be completely enthusiastic and passionate about what I am making; thus retaining an high level of energy in the project and hopefully will produce a much more professional and well-rounded piece. I have also took notice of Daniel’s comment about research and that he fully immerses himself in the area and background of whichever piece he is producing, whether this be music, film, fashion or just other artwork. With this in mind, I believe I have a much better understanding of where I can head in terms of brainstorming for project ideas and areas I want to work in. Looking at the more artistic side of production has also helped me form my understanding of ideas generation and the research process. It’s often prudent to look outside of the medium you are producing in order to expand and develop knowledge which can then have influence in your own work as well as future references of inspiration.


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