360MC: – FMP Idea – Music Videos: 80s glam metal and progressive metal videos

Following on from all of the Summer task research I have carried out, I have been thinking of what the perfect FMP idea could be tailored to my interests in order to maintain the highest level of enthusiasm and motivation in the project. When looking at and breaking down my favourite video games in one of my previous posts, I discovered that all of the best ones are the titles that contain all three themes of Spectacle, Power and Memory. With these themes in mind, I tried to think of a number of mediums where I could really bring these to the forefront. I also wanted my project to be relevant to the career I hope to go in to; video editing, and so that ruled out a few mediums narrowing it down to either short film or an alternative. After listening to my interview with artist Daniel Ward again, I paid close attention to what he said about creating something you are enthusiastic about, otherwise it will show in  your work. I began to think of things I am incredibly passionate about and settled on the medium of music videos; more specifically, 80s glam metal.

Hair metal

The 80s is and always will be my favourite decade of all time. I love absolutely every aspect about it – film, fashion and of course, the music. In fact, 80s rock/metal is all I listen to on a daily basis, and have done so for the last few years. What is also prominent in all of the music I hear and music videos I see is the attitude of the glam scene of the 80s. The genre was very rebellious to people of the older generation (namely the parents of the teenagers of the time) and catered towards the teenage or early to mid 20s demographic with a fun and party-like attitude which served as a good form of escapism for the youth of that decade. In fact, it’s an element of music I think is greatly lacking in modern music and are messages I think need to resonate with people of today; we need to get our attitude back. The 80s was raw and relentless, showcasing pure musical talent and prowess.

With this in mind, my FMP idea will involve me travelling up to Yorkshire; one of the last remaining hubs of the rock and metal scene, and help write an original glam metal inspired song, go to a recording studio to get it professionally mixed, and then produce a music video for the song. The video will have to be high energy and fun, with many shots of the band performing on a stage and being very aware of the camera’s presence. Because I want to be a video editor, this will really test my skills as an editor in terms of pace and variety of shots in order to maintain a visual intensity to accompany the attitude of the music. I have watched a great deal of 80s glam and heavy metal music videos in order to take in the common elements and what makes them work, such as a few below:

The way in which my project will bring something new to the subject matter is my having it set in modern-day, but still retaining the same attitudes that came from the 80s. The music video will highlight how music now has lost its way and that we must look back to the past for guidance and reassurance in music. The attitude of rebellion, fun and the good time era will be present in the song itself and the video. My idea for the music video so far:

A teenager is sitting at home in the lounge watching music videos on the television, he is skipping between all of the songs on the TV as nothing is satisfying his musical needs. He looks bored and restless. All of a sudden the television then cuts out and as the teenager goes to inspect the television set, an old vintage style advert comes on for a fictitious 80s style glam metal band called ThunderWing, saying that their new vinyl single is out now. He goes to his local record store and picks out the record and rushes home to listen to it. He casts aside his iPod and CD player and places the vinyl on the record player. He jumps on the bed listening to the song strike up (posters of great 80s bands and guitarists all around him). The video then cuts to the band performing the song on stage in typical 80s glam style as it constantly cuts back to each storyline, the teenager becoming more and more into the music, air guitaring along and strumming on a guitar out of time to the music track. After it finishes, the teenager on the bed is dressed in stereotypical glam style; with a huge hair wig, black leather jacket, jeans, boots and metal belts and arms bands. The teenager steps outside with his guitar, makes a power fist to the sky as a power chord is sounded and makes a jumping pose with the guitar as the video freeze frames and fades to black.


If producing one music is not sufficient enough for my third year FMP, then I will also have to make a second music video. The Band society at York have a great many bands, and one that I may be able to make a music video for is a progressive metal band. The imagery here is completely in contrast to that of 80s glam in that it is often very disturbing, dark, brooding and grungy. The videos are often black and white or with very muted colours with extreme close-ups of unpleasant or macabre images. This again would be a good music video to make alongside the 80s inspired one due to how resoundingly different it is and would again test my editing skills in order to create an entirely different mood and uncomfortably atmosphere. With this one, more so than the 80s video, I would have to add more of an emphasis on a story to accompany the video. I have had some ideas for this video but it all depends on what the lyrics to the song are like. My idea, albeit in the very early stages of development, is as follows:

The video follows a woman, in very faded make-up with eyeshadow running down her face. It looks like she has been crying and is walking in almost a trance. She is walking passed people who are staring at her but keeps walking on. She is in very tattered and torn black clothing. Faded screams can be heard in the background during the song. Black blood runs down her arms and her face. There are many shots of dead nature such as dead leaves and fading trees. The woman makes her way to a grave yard and walks in-between a row of graves in one-point perspective (possibly to evoke imagery of walking down the aisle at a wedding. She gathers a handful of dead flowers or twigs and places them on the grave and grasps a handful of earth and throws it on the grave. She takes one last look up to the sky as she cries black tears and takes a step towards the grave. She fades in to the ground as the final shot rests on the grave with the dead flowers – arriving at her own grave.

Inspiration for the idea came from music videos by Gojira and Opeth:

These ideas still need a lot of development, and I will be pitching the ideas I have in a few weeks whilst in the meantime I research as much as I can into my chosen area.


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