360MC: – Research into music video shoots – Media producers

As I want to make two / three music videos for my FMP idea, I thought it was important to get as much information on the medium as possible. I remembered that a student on my Media Production course films a lot of music videos as a side business and as such thought it would be important to ask him all of the things you have to take into consideration when gearing up for a music video shoot. Here is what he said:

“Planning is essential, try to nail down a visual style before you start shooting. Also think of an edit plan beforehand, you might not stick to it but music videos rely heavily on editing, as with any film. Try not to tell the song’s story, it comes across reaaaally cheesy and is basically the number 1 rule. Try and instead reflect on the mood of the song, and how can you visually represent that. Be as original as possible, but also steal as much as possible! Watch 100’s of music videos, and take notes and steal techniques! Shoot as much as you can on the day, a music video typically has a cut at least every 4 seconds, the more cuts you have the more professional it seems. Also, on the day of a shoot take something to play the song on. Lip syncing is key, an audience picks up on it really easily and the band needs to be in time. Try to avoid clichés, the only cliché to embrace is women! It’s what every man wants, and literally throughout the history of media women have been at the forefront! So yeah, get some honeys on set! Have a copy of the song that is played at 2x normal speed, if you can get the band to play to that speed and then slow it down 2x in post, it looks slick! Especially now we’ve got the FS700’s, their slow motion capabilities are insane. Don’t forget to be weird and random, make it visually memorable!

Learn the song inside out, it makes the shoot quicker and you should feel the energy build with the shoot. You ultimately want to get people engaged in the song, if it’s a bad ass song shoot some bad ass material! It helps a lot if you actually like the song of course, so your passion comes out in your ideas. Don’t work alone, get assistants to help you out. On the day of the shoot bring food and drink for the crew. You don’t want to waste time going to a pub mid shoot because people are hungry. Have fun! Keep the atmosphere on set bouncing and lighthearted and the fun will reflect in the song. Oh yeah, also meet with the band a few times beforehand to get them used to you. The hardest thing with musicians is they’re not models/actors by trade, so on shoots they need a lot of help. You have to be confident with your direction. Ultimately, have fun though!”

This information has really put into perspective for me how much work I need to put in to make these three music videos a reality and at a highly professional quality. What is really spelled out for me here is that I require a filming crew and thus need to assemble a team. Before I can really put any of this into practice however, I need to find at some bands who are willing to let me film a music video for them. Despite this, it highlights the fact that I will need to make some phone calls or send some emails to make some contacts that work in this field in order to be part of the shoots.


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