360MC: – FMP Ideas Presentation – Video pitch for music videos


Above is a video pitch I produced explaining my ideas for my FMP ideas of music videos. Since this post was published, I have pitched my ideas to my seminar group and the feedback was mostly positive. However, the criticism that was raised was directed to the writing of a song and forming a band before I could make a music video on it. I have taken this on board and have decided to drop that part of the idea, as it would take away too much time from the actual production side and the planning and shooting of the music video. It would also have been unpredictable in getting other band members to commit, especially if it was just a newly formed band. As such, I will now be seeking bands that have already been formed which will keep my project a lot more focussed.

As well as this, attention was drawn to the style of the ’80s glam metal’ music videos and how that would be impossible to produce for my FMP. For those type of music videos, style and aesthetic is everything (pyrotechnics, thousands of screaming fans, fashion and hairstyle) which would all be very hard to create. Because these factors would be absent from my FMP version of an 80s glam metal video, it would be taking away the very fabric and foundation of what makes those videos what they are; thus leaving a vacuous shell of a music video which does not complement the music with a loss of identity from what it should look like. This is very disheartening to me as 80s glam metal is the area in which I am most passionate about, but a criticism that I understand and can accept. As a media producer I wouldn’t want to produce something sub par to an area in which I love when compared to all of the great music videos that have come before.

This now means that I need to search for around three different bands to make a music video for. Whilst it’s a big letdown that I cannot produce what I initially intended, this now gives me the opportunity to explore multiple genres of music and produce differing videos which all boast their own unique visual quality and style. This will work better as it shows that I am versatile and can produce vastly different media pieces despite being in the same medium of music video. Thinking of the future as well, it broadens my contact list as a video editor and showcases that I can produce a great variety of work in a lucrative business of music videos. My FMP project will now greatly test my skills as an editor as I have to watch hundreds of music videos from many different genres in order to expand my knowledge and take similar aspects of videos I like and think about how I can reproduce them in a new and visually interesting way; making sure to maintain the three main areas of spectacle, power and memory.

Although I cannot produce an 80s inspired music video musically or visually, what I could do is take the attitudes and messages from within the songs and apply those to the narrative or my music videos for other genres (if it compliments the music accordingly). In this way, I would still be retaining an area of the music I love but amending it and applying it in my own unique way which may work out surprisingly well, especially when adapted into a modern era to see if the messages still resonate today.

In terms of research now, I need to contact as many bands that I can find and ask if I can produce a music video for them. I will ask as many bands as possible as some may drop out at the last-minute and so it is always better to over-plan.


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