360MC:- Conclusion (FOR ASSESSMENT)

All three media artefacts that I have produced have helped me in some way develop in terms of my professional practice, whether this be through the technical side of filming the pieces, or through the media theory.

As I went on a trip to London to film my Power artefact with limited time, it enabled me to think of ideas for shots and sequences whilst on location. This gave me a greater ability to be spontaneous and improvise, which will be a key skill for when I come to film my final media project (FMP) of three music videos. Although in terms of music video shoots, there will have to be considerable amounts of meticulous preparation and an edit plan in place beforehand, there may come a time where particular shots are made up on the fly. I have often found in the past that some of my best shots were filmed on the spot, rather than being carefully planned and orchestrated at an earlier date, as I feel this can showcase pure inspiration.

In terms of my spectacle artefact, I believe this has developed my professional practice in both the technical and theoretical side. This task more than any other really tested my abilities as an editor, as I had to emulate a similar visual style to a completely different medium; video games. This posed a great challenge to me as, once again, I had to think spontaneously of how I could apply what I already knew in order to achieve an aesthetic style I had never experimented with before. As I want to become a video editor in the future, this was extremely beneficial to me and has inspired me to hone my skills in this field even more. Also, my FMP is based around filming music videos, and so the editing will be of paramount importance in order to construct an appropriate tone and pace. In terms of the theory, I have found that reading into such theorists as Michel Foucault, Guy Debord and Jean Baudrillard to name a few has not only greatly reinforced my understanding of these themes in the media, but has also made me very conscious of them in my everyday life. As I believe that my Spectacle artefact was the strongest of the three, it has become clear to me that this was because I read into the theories surrounding the topic matter a lot more. For my professional development, this has shown me that it is imperative to become well-versed in media theory  in order to apply a lot more context and substance to a project.

My memory artefact also enabled me to see the importance of putting your heart and soul into a project. As my artefact was incredibly personal to me, I naturally put a lot more deeper emotional value into it which I believe translated over to the final piece. Although I am aware that not all future projects have to be emotional, it is important to be completely invested in it and it has to mean something to the person and team making it.

Overall, all three artefacts have had an incredibly profound impact on me which will influence my professional practice in all future projects. It has become apparent to me how each of the different theories surrounding Power, Spectacle and Memory all culminate together, and how it is important to combine these in order to produce a piece that contains both substance and integrity. Although for my FMP these theories will probably not be implemented, they are still important knowledge to have as they could influence ideas generation and future projects. It has also become apparent to me to continue to read into media theory in order to flesh out my understanding of the context that is applied in the media world.


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