361MC: – Contacting Six Broken Sticks

As I would be producing three music videos, I knew that for ease of travel for cast, crew and the transportation of equipment that the bands I searched for would have to be in fairly close proximity to Coventry. I started the process of finding my first band by seeing which bands my friends were involved in. I initially wanted to film solely heavy metal music videos but the only one that I knew of was my friend who is located at York and was still looking for a few final members to join. As a result, this would not have been a guaranteed band to film and the distance to and from York with a huge amount of kit would have proved impossible to move around, especially via train.

Looking in to the production of professionally shot music videos and big budget films in general, all equipment is transported via a fleet of lorries that can effectively group all of the equipment together for one smooth journey and much of the equipment is left at the location of shooting if it is a production over the course of many days. Obviously I do not own, nor could get ahold of a convoy on this scale, especially as it is a small-scale production, but the point of moving the kit via driving is a definite must.

I knew that one of my other friends had quite recently started a band in Leicester called Six Broken Sticks, and they had produced a small collection of songs that they had uploaded to SoundCloud. After messaging the drummer he agreed to the music video shoot and we spoke about what kit is on offer and possible approaches to the video and what our take should be. It was important for me as director to make sure that this production was mutually beneficial to both me, my FMP, and that the music video was still in league with my vision, as well as ensuring that the video was still appropriate for the band and that they had joint discussion in the ideas generation. Film, even music video, is a collaborative practice, and so I knew it was important to include everyone in the process as I have worked on projects before where someone takes complete and utter control over everything; not taking any other ideas onboard. However, it is also the job of a director to know when to voice your opinion if an idea is posed that is either bad or would hinder the overall creative vision of the piece. Although I have never been a director on a project on this scale before, it will take all of the people and management skills I have acquired in the past to ensure the production runs smoothly.


It was also important that we picked the right song for the video. Most of their songs were around 2 – 2.5 minutes which would not have been a decent enough length for my FMP to be effective. As such there were really only two songs on offer to us, and after listening to both many times, the most interesting was Little Rag Doll. More so than the other song, it really did an effective job of creating a tone and atmosphere as well as offering up some interesting themes which could be applied stylistically. With the song now in place, I can begin to craft an idea and produce a shot plan with time-stamps so that the eventual editing process is a lot easier.


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