361MC: – Where do music videos fit in today’s media world?

Today’s media world has easily changed from what it was ten years ago. With everything now trending towards an online basis for both commercial and distribution reasons, television (whilst still being prevalent) has taken much more of a backseat role in this new media world than what it used to from the 1980s until the mid 2000s. Since the launch of Youtube in 2005, this enabled music videos to be seen faster and easier; as well as online video in general. With this new online platform in place, these videos could be spread among a network of viewers which greatly added to viral popularity and thus reaching more of an audience, both for the music video and the artists’ material.

As Youtube continued to expand and evolve over the following years, this had a profound effect on the music industry for good and bad, with some artists beginning to see the prospect of success from their material and music videos being seen mostly or entirely online. Although on the one hand this could be seen as a means of free advertising for the artist as their music reaches people on a global basis at the click of a mouse, it has also his still led to many distributors clammering for royalties and exercising various copyright claims based on videos that have reached a huge number of views whilst being available to view on the internet free of charge.

With the internet constantly growing and more and more new media applications cropping up every year, music videos have now been able to be purchased on the iTunes Store for viewing on handheld devices such as iPods and mobile phones. To also ensure that money is still made from online posted music videos, it has been seen in recent years that more and more adverts are included in and around the video player. This allows the video to make a certain amount of money through every advert that is played, and with many music videos reaching the hundreds of millions of views, this is an effective way of maintaining profit. Websites such as Vevo which was launched in 2009 also share this advertising revenue with Google on their Youtube distributed videos.

As such, although music videos have been an outlet for artistic expression and to elevate the meaning and interpretation of a song, they have also always been a way to make more money from a preexisting album and artists and to boost record sales. This practice now seems a lot more noticeable in today’s media world with the existence of all of these online outlets and money hungry corporations vying for any bit of profit surrounding the music they can. To further reinforce this notion of online video hosting taking over television, MTV officially dropped the Music Television tagline on February 8, 2010 from their logo. If ‘video killed the radio star’ in the 1980s until 2000s, then ‘internet killed the video star’ in recent years.

So where do music videos fit in today’s media world in terms of small time bands such as the ones I will be filming? Well, for bands trying to make a name for themselves, a music videos really gives them more of a foothold in getting noticed and reaching a greater audience. Although performing live at any and every venue you can is a great way to get people to notice you in the local area, a music video that can be posted to a social networking page and online video hosting sites such as Youtube is much better way for people to spread the word of the band, as well as give them a much more professional appearance. This is what I will be intending to do for my distribution of my three music videos; allowing the bands to spread the videos around as much as possible and gain as much notice as they can. This will enable my name to be spread around and offer me more of a chance of getting approached in the future for work if viewers are impressed. In this instance, music videos still serve a greater purpose than meer financial profit.


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