361MC: – Casting actress for Little Rag Doll

Finding an actress to play one of the leading roles in Little Rag Doll initially seemed like it would be an incredibly arduous process but it turned out to be incredibly easy. As the video is to be shot in Leicester, I asked members of the band and my friend who attends Leicester University if he could recommend anyone to me who might be appropriate for the role. My friend explained that his University has a cosplay society and that a member of it had just started her own YouTube and Facebook page and was also handing out business cards. After checking her channel out I saw that she had worked for a number of cosplay shoots despite only starting quite recently. Her channel, Mourn the Model, shows that she has modeled for a number of cosplay shoots despite only starting fairly recently, dressing as a number of quirky characters. As our music video is set to a voodoo theme, I asked Mourn the Model if she would be interested in playing the voodoo queen role for the video and she immediately accepted. It was also helpful that she already knew of the band and was friends with the drummer which helped the team gel from the beginning.


One thing that I will now discuss with her is make-up and costume, as this will be key to creating the character due to the narrative being very visual and hinging on the tone and look of the voodoo setting. So far we have discussed the possibility of going with a fairly gothic look, with a black distressed dress, smeared make-up running down her face with mad hair. It will be important to make both characters look the part based on the setting and the old and worn atmosphere.

Links to Mourn the Model’s pages can be found below:







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