361MC: – Finalised outline for Little Rag Doll – Six Broken Sticks music video (Shot plan w/ song timings)

Since the first outline, myself and the band fine-tuned the idea and altered certain scenes. We did away with the photo of Tom being stitched to the doll’s face as we felt that it wouldn’t be so thematically limiting if removed it. Now it will enable the audience to create their own thoughts surrounding the video and not be told what to think. This outline was crafted carefully to match certain timings in the song to make it easier for both the filming process and the eventual editing. The video will be filmed from a three camera set up and be a mix of tripod use and shoulder mount to capture some of the more obscure angles. As the final approved outline, this is the one we will stick to on the day of filming:

0:00 – 0:21 : – Slow tracking shot of close up of scratched wooden floor. Cross dissolves into a tracking shot of an empty chair in the centre of the room, close up of MIA’s fingertips with drops of blood dripping onto the floor, slow tracking shot of a knife on a table and a voodoo doll.

0:21 – 0:33 – Slow close up of pin held in MIA’s hand as she lifts it up to her face to examine it. Pull focus to TOM CREESE in the background tied to a chair with his head slumped.

0:33 – 0:44 : – MIA turns to TOM CREESE and stands up with voodoo doll in hand with a sly smirk on her face. Pan down to her tracing a pin lightly over the doll’s face and body. TOM CREESE is still unconscious and lightly reacts. She stabs the doll in the chest around which awakens TOM CREESE with a violent jolt at the beat at 0:43 seconds.

0:44 – 0:58 : – MIA laughs evily as she looks down at TOM CREESE, who struggles in the chair to get free. Close up of his hands tied behind the chair. MIA takes out another pin and twirls it round in her hand. He eventually submits to his situation and settles down.

0:58 – 1:06 : – MIA pricks her finger with the pin. Extreme close up on the finger as a bead of blood trickles down her finger. Extreme close up of the pin with blood on it also.

1:06 – 1:20 : – MIA walks up and studies TOM CREESE during the lines “I want to know all of your secrets”; angrily grabbing his face and hair whilst thrashing it around as she questions him. Side shot during the line “Every blemish, every pimple.” as MIA brings up a pin and lightly pricks TOM CREESE.

1:20 – 1:28 : – TOM CREESE recoils from the pin prick. MIA steps back and turns her head from TOM CREESE. Her rage and anger builds as her head is turned. She turns back with an enraged look on her face as the song builds. MIA grabs TOM CREESE’s hair once again and mouths the lyrics “You are my, my little rag doll!”

1:28 – 1:41 – MIA creepily, almost in a dream state, walks/dances away from TOM CREESE as the camera follows her from behind, and picks up a knife. She turns back and slyly smiles before placing the knife back down.

1:41 – 2:02 – MIA picks up a noose from the side of the room and begins to use it in many strange ways, such as throwing it around her neck and holding it up as if hanging herself as she walks back to TOM CREESE. She also throws the noose over her shoulders as if calculating how she will use it (she also swings the noose around, bites it, swings it back and forth like a pendulum etc). TOM CREESE sings “You only disagreed with me/ But now you’ll pay the penalty” As it cuts back and forth between MIA dancing with the noose and TOM CREESE singing. TOM CREESE doesn’t sing “I want to plant something in your bedroom” but instead gives a slight suggestive smile as MIA dances.

2:02 – 2:10 : – TOM CREESE sings “You are my, you are my, my little rag doll!” as MIA throws the noose around TOM CREESE’s neck with one hand and pulls him up so that their faces are incredibly close as she yells the line to him face to face.

2:10 – 2:30 : – Close up of TOM CREESE’s hands as he tries desperately to release himself from the rope bonds. MIA takes the noose off and pushes him back into the chair. She turns and makes another glance towards the knife on the table. She picks it up and examines it closely; running her finger up the edge of it which draws blood. She places the knife back down and picks up the voodoo doll.

2:30 – 2:50 – During “Excoriate the eyelids/ slice up the upper lip/ submit to my id” lines MIA is gently stroking the eyes and lips of the doll with her bloody finger; smearing the blood to give the doll a red smile and the eyes the effect of almost crying blood; a sweet, almost reminiscent and nostalgic smile when she is touching the lips of the voodoo doll, then moving into an expression of deep sorrow and sadness when she touches the eyes of the doll. During the line “Submit to my id” she looks up from the doll to TOM CREESE with a coy yet evil stare.

2:43 – 2:50 – MIA casts aside the doll and quickly snatches the knife from the table. She paces towards TOM CREESE who recoils into the chair as she raises the knife above her. TOM CREESE closes his eyes, anticipating himself being stabbed, but MIA cuts his bonds and grabs his shirt pulling him to his feet.

2:50 – 3:05 – MIA and TOM CREESE begin wildly dancing around the room together. There is no smooth choreography here, just pure pent up emotion which they express through their dance together, wildly spinning around the room together. The dances is led by both people involved. At points, TOM CREESE will be leading the dancing whilst MIA may pull away and lead.

3:05 – 3:25 : – The video fades to black and fades back in as the two are close to each other, slow dancing, to match the slower pace of the song. There are shots of both of their faces which show a momentary level of peace and reconciliation between the two. However, as the song builds back up to the chorus, MIA slowly reaches for the knife that is tucked into the back of her dress, pushes TOM CREESE away from her and raises the knife high above her.

3:25 – 3:59 : – This section is a fast pace, edited montage of cutting between MIA repeatedly stabbing TOM CREESE and her stabbing the voodoo doll repeatedly and tearing it to shreds; looking enraged and almost possessed in a frenzy. MIA throws the knife down after she is finished. Close up shot of the knife on the floor with blood dripping from the tip of the blade onto the floor.

3:59 – End : – The final shot is of the torn to pieces voodoo doll with real blood pouring from it.


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