364MC: – Future career plans

I had a pretty good idea in my mind of which career in media I would like to go into from when I studied Media at Sixth Form. Video editing has always been the subject I am most passionate about in media production and my enthusiasm for it has been unwavering even throughout the three years of my University course. Although my course has taught me to film my own things and take the role as director, this is not a position I had any incredible drive to pursue and believe that I am still quite inexperienced in this field both in terms of my knowledge of camera capabilities and ability to manage an entire team of people for extensive periods of time (although my team leading skills and confidence did vastly improve because of it, but I just don’t think it’s at the level that a director should be).

Editing has always been the area of media I have been interested in as I love how creative you can be with projects, and the power to essential piece together the final product that will be seen by the audience. It also enables the editor to work closely with directors as they have to share the same creative vision in order to produce a successful product. Video editing is something I have also been continuing to develop with outside of the course in my own time; working on many fan-edits and even working for other clients such as a former student at Coventry University and even helping out at my old Sixth Form in the media department helping the students edit their projects.

However, leaving university and immediately going into an actual existing company for editing seems very implausible. Editors are typically chosen by directors and/or producers who have worked with them many times before and developed a good working rapport. This practice is also common in mainstream films such as Quentin Tarantino using Sally Menke as his editor for all of his films from 1992 – 2009 until her death in 2010. As such, it would be incredibly difficult for me to just expect a company to accept me into their business outright. Also, most freelance editing companies tend to be made by a group of people who again have worked together over many years and have developed this trust and professional work ethic together.

As such, I’ve decided that my best plan of action is to look into supporting myself as a freelance editor by creating my own platform that I can distribute myself and build up my own list of contacts that I can choose to pursue if they prove to be worthwhile. This will give me the chance to work for a number of people and edit for many different types of products, such as short film, documentary, adverts or music videos. Following my FMP I have had an incredible interest in continuing to work with bands in creating music videos. Although I wouldn’t be interested in directing or the filming process necessarily, the editing side is very appealing and has tested my editing skills during the three I produced for my FMP. Freelancing is therefore the area I will research into as well as the skill set that an editor should have to see how I compare with industry standard.




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