360MC: – Band #1: Borderline

After asking around my local area and reading all band lineups in the newspaper and on posters, I found a band called Borderline who were performing at a pub one night. I arranged to meet them before they started playing to discuss the prospect of filming a music video of one of their songs. Borderline are predominantly a covers band which would have been difficult to get passed certain copyright laws and regulations despite it being their own version. After voicing my concern, Chad Mercer, the lead singer, said that they had one original song called Juliet, but this was written and performed by their previous singer and guitarist which would mean that the entire band would have to re-learn the song and apply their own new fresh take on it. As the song was only ever recorded live at one of their gigs, it also means that Borderline will have to go to a studio and get it professionally recorded just for the video. The band have said that they are fine with doing this and it should be very doable within that time. They have also said that the finished video will also give them a lot of exposure and more of an online presence with a music video giving them more of a professional edge. The song Juliet can be seen below with Borderline’s original lineup, which is the song I will be using as my first of the three music videos I have to produce:

Now that I have heard one of the songs I will be creating a video for, I can start coming up with ideas for visuals and possibly some small narrative segments. Juliet is a very lively and positive song with a repetitive but catchy chorus that can get a crowd singing along to it very easily. The shots will be edited to around 3 – 4 seconds in length which should be an appropriate pace based on the song and will contain many different angles and shots to keep the video interesting and moving at a brisk pace. Based on the lyrics, there is also possibly room for small narrative segments that could be intercut with the band playing. The ideas I have had so far for these sections is a woman getting ready to go out for the night dancing at a club, with shots of her dancing down the street in public, to then arrive at the dance floor in an empty room and dance on her own but still be really into the music. The greater focus for this particular video will be the band, but it might make the video more interesting to have something to cut away to in a different environment and location.

As the band will have to learn and re-record this particular song, the filming may have to be scheduled for the beginning of March to give Borderline enough time to prepare, as well as me to arrange an actor for the narrative segment should I choose to do that. This gives me a month and a half to focus on filming and completing the other two music videos until then.


Unknown. 2011. Borderline. Available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI_IoIaS6Wk [Accessed: 14 Jan 2014].


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