360MC: – Band #2: Bad Mouth Men

The second band I found is a small student band in Coventry called Bad Mouth Men who are quite a quirky garage rock band. They have been trying to establish a small online presence with a few music videos they have made themselves with an iPod/ iPhone camera and are one of the most recognised bands in the Coventry University Rock Society. They are defined by the lead guitarist’s distinctive look of a white fur waist coat and sailor hat and music that is lyrically very surreal and farcical. After watching the Spike Jonze directed music video Drunk Girls by LCD Soundsystem, this inspired me to try to film a completely off-the-wall and more comedic music video so that it stands out from the other two I make and has its own identity. Although I have not chosen a song to make a music video out of just yet, I have listened to all of their songs on Youtube in order to get a sense of what I might be dealing with and at the moment am favouring the song below:

Although this particular song already has a music video (which was filmed by the band themselves) I have been told in my seminar that it is good professional practice to make a music video of a song that perhaps already has one, as it forces you to think of other ideas and not be anchored to the previous vision of the video. Therefore it is an incredibly creative process and also enables the band a chance to help make the new video even better as they learned from the mistakes of the old one. The new video will also be filmed in high-definition unlike the original video (if this is indeed the song that is chosen) which will automatically set it apart from any of the other music videos that have been produced by or for Bad Mouth Men. Narrative would be quite a challenge, especially considering the subject matter and tone of the lyrics. As such, the surrealism will come from the band and the location we choose to film the video. This video more than the other two will have to be incredibly high energy and fast paced to account for the zaniness of the band and song.

Filming for this particular video will be during mid February, which will give me enough time to plan, arrange locations and also finish in time for Borderline’s music video shoot in March.


Unknown. 2013. Bad Mouth Men – Shovelin’ [Official Video]. Available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXbat9uR4eM [Accessed: 14 Jan 2014].


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