360MC: – Band #3: Six Broken Sticks

The third and final band I will be producing a music video for is for a song called Little Rag Doll by Leicester band Six Broken Sticks. This video will be the one that is entirely narrative based, with no shots of the band performing on stage. Little Rag Doll will require a well thought out plan of shots, editing and ideas for narrative as well as many props, make up and costumes that will need to be bought prior to the shoot. The song can be heard below:


In my opinion, this song more than the other two really creates some imaginative imagery with its lyrics; generating an almost macabre and disturbing tone both vocally and instrumentally. After discussion with the band we felt that the subject matter of the song would translate well to a voodoo theme and allow us the chance to really play up the creepy tone of the song whilst being incredibly visually striking and distinctive. Possible props for the shoot include candles, voodoo dolls, pins, razors and old furniture such as an old wooden chair, which will produce many visual signifiers that will help create the mood and tone of the piece.

I have also been in contact with Mourn the Model; a cosplayer and has featured in many photography shoots as a wide variety of characters and guises and has just started her own Youtube channel. This will help the shoot as she is no stranger to the schedule and process of production, and will also greatly improve the narrative of the video as she escapes into the character. When I was enquiring about possible locations in the area that would be appropriate for the atmosphere and backdrop of the video, she said that she had previously done a cosplay photography shoot in an abandoned warehouse which would serve as a good location. I plan to travel to the location on Thursday 16th January and take some pictures of the location so that I can start storyboarding and coming up with a shooting plan for the narrative. An example of her cosplaying can be seen on her Youtube channel and Facebook page below:



After pitching ideas with the band, our initial concept was to go incredibly unsettling and creepy, having shots of the band on stage holding up certain items such as pins, rope and razors, whilst cutting back to the narrative side of Mourn the Model being controlled supernaturally and reacting to these things being inflicted on her, with the finale of the song being her enjoying the pain that is being inflicted on her and almost applying these items to herself. This would have brought in elements of submissiveness, unsettling imagery of self-harm and an intensely creepy theme of control. That being said, we quickly dismissed this idea as we found it to be too disturbing and almost like the song Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke in terms of it being arguably misogynistic to women, which myself and the band agreed we did not want the message of the video to be to the audience. Since then we have refined the idea and decided to have the lead singer, Tom Creese, be the person who is being controlled by Mourn the Model, cosplaying as a voodoo sorceress, who has him tied to the chair and is torturing him through a voodoo doll of him. At this stage we are still altering the idea of the video but our latest narrative idea, which the band came up with, is as follows:

“First verse. THE GIRL sits, with a pots of pins in her hand. Shot of RAGDOLL, with THE REAL TOM CREESE’s face humorously plastered on top. RAGDOLL CREESE then fades into a shot of THE REAL TOM CREESE’S own face, (again potentially humorous). THE GIRL contemplates the pot of pins then looks at THE REAL TOM CREESE, with a sly grin.
THE GIRL walks up and studies to THE REAL TOM CREESE during the lines “I want to know all of your secrets”. THE REAL TOM CREESE looks at THE GIRL in a similar examining way. THE GIRL walks away from THE REAL TOM CREESE … who mouths after her “You only disagreed with me”. He doesn’t sing “And now you’ll pay the penalty/I want to plant something in your bedroom”. This suggests that THE REAL TOM CREESE is thinking these lines in his head (i.e. harbouring unspoken violent thoughts).
By this point the girl has picked up RAGDOLL CREESE and is examining him. During “Excoriate the eyelids/ slice up the upper lip/ submit to my id” lines she is gently stroking the eyes and lips of RAGDOLL CREESE. THE GIRL sees THE REAL TOM CREESE from afar, who is now playing guitar and singing into a microphone.
During the bits where it goes quiet, THE GIRL goes up to THE REAL TOM CREESE, and grabs his arm. At this point THE REAL TOM CREESE ignores the girl completely and carries on singing. THE GIRL takes out a pin from her pot. During the last bit of singing, just as the instruments come crashing back in – there is a shot of her hand over-dramatically raising the pin her head. Her hand goes out of shot as she violently stabs. The stabbing occurs off-screen. Distance shot , possibly an aerial shot. The girl is on top of the injured THE REAL TOM CREESE and is repeatedly ‘stabbing’. THE REAL TOM CREESE is dead on the floor, (potentially make-up/blood could feature here) THE GIRL grabs the RAGDOLL, and tears TOM CREESE’S face off, leaving just a normal RAGDOLL She stabs the RAGDOLL (potentially with a knife) and then throws it on the floor.
Final Shot: RAGDOLL is on the floor with blood coming out of it. The photo of TOM CREESE’S face on it lies beside the RAGDOLL.”

At this stage, the band is tending more towards a darkly comedic tone whereas I think this would muddy the tone of the song and video. I think that this video should just purely be creepy and unsettling which would enable myself and the videographer crew to come up with some incredibly imaginative imagery and shots, especially with the aid of the props and costumes.

The ideal date for filming this video will be over the weekend of January 25th – 26th, not counting later possible re-shoots. Props still need to be bought and a shot plan finalised, which will be done within the next few days.



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