360MC: – Videographer crew, suggested filming dates & possible 4th music video

After meeting with my videographer crew, we discussed everything from equipment needed, travel, expenses and suggested filming dates. We prioritized which order to film each music video in; taking into consideration which videos would require the most time technically and how long each shoot would need to be. As the Leicester music video of Little Rag Doll is entirely narrative based, requiring a lot of props, dressing the location and costume for the actors involved, we have decided it would be best to get this video out-of-the-way first; suggesting a shooting date of January 25th – 26th. The deadline we have set ourselves is to have all three music videos finished, or at least finished in terms of filming, by the very end of March. This then leaves around 2 months for post-production should we need it. Although those 2 months can be used for re-shoots, we think it is best to dedicate each month to each video and make sure each is finished in terms of footage before moving on to the next. This will help us to keep better track of footage and keep our minds focussed on one video at a time. In terms of budget for this particular video, most will be spent on travel expenses for the crew to get to Leicester and also on purchasing props for the shoot and food for the cast and crew.

The band has expressed huge interest in having the music video contain lots of band footage as they feel that they could visually make the stage and setting look interesting. As both of my other two music videos will be band orientated, I wanted this one more so than the others to be entirely narrative focussed with no shots of the band playing. However, because the band are so adamant on including themselves into the video and preferring this style of video, I will produce a 4th music video to submit for my FMP. This will be a second version of the Six Broken Sticks video containing 1/4 footage taken from the narrative, but with the biggest focus being on shots of the band which will compose the other 3/4 of the video. This will be a challenge professionally as it will force me to craft multiple versions for the same song yet still retaining the same tone and pace, albeit with different footage.

Ideally, I would like this video to be completely wrapped for filming by the week ending on the 9th February at the absolute latest. This will then give us around 2 and a half weeks to film and complete Bad Mouth Men’s video which should be very doable; taking it to the end of February. As Bad Mouth Men are located in Coventry, travel expenses will not have to be paid for the crew.

Throughout February, I will be checking on Borderline’s progress with re-recording the song Juliet which will then leave the entirety of March to film that particular video, as each member of the band’s schedules might be unpredictable and scattered around the month. This is where the most budget will have to be spent on travel expenses. It is roughly an hour and a half bus ride from Coventry to where I live, and from there it is then around a 15 minute taxi journey to get to the destination of where we will be filming the video. This therefore does not allow us all that long at the location for the video before the crew will have to return back home. It will cost around £7 per person for a return ticket, and with a crew of around 4 – 5 people and possibly needing to film for around 2 days, the price will be around £70 for that video alone.

A member from my videographer crew also said that he has Adobe After Effects; a software I have never previously used. This will be a great tool to use to refine and enhance certain sequences, as well as add to my own personal development as an editor, as I become proficient in an often sort after software. He is also a video editor and so the post production stage will go incredibly smoothly as both of us are well versed in the procedure of editing and how to construct pace.


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