361MC: – Organising the shoot – Accomodation, transport, props, actors and production schedule

Accomodation: I will be stopping at a friend’s house in Leicester from Friday 24th – Sunday 26th, whilst my crew, Sarah Andrews and Guy Huston, will be staying at Sarah’s brother’s place for the same nights. This is very conveniant as each of the places we are stopping are around a 5 minute walk away.

Transport: A friend who lives in Leicester has kindly offered to pick me and the crew up from Coventry along with all of the kit and drive us each to the door to the places we are staying as well as bring us back on the Sunday evening. I have offered to pay him petrol money which I have accounted for in my overall budget. In terms of transport to and from locations around the places we are filming such as the drummer’s house and Quad Studios, we will take taxis. After checking on Google maps for the distance between places, each taxi ride will cost around £5 to £8, which I have also added to my budget.

Props: I have ordered all of the props we’ll need from eBay; pins, fake blood and a black dress for the actress. All of the other props such as knives, rope, candles and other decorative things will all be supplied by the band.

Actors: Tom Creese is a member of the band and will be there on both days of filming anyway. Mourn the Model actually lives in the same apartment block as my friend and so that will be incredibly handy for the narrative filming day. She is not required for filming the band segments.

Production schedule:
Friday 24th January – Arrive in Leicester
Saturday 25th January –
11:30am – Take a taxi from accommodation to drummer’s house
12:30pm – Be set up, checked camera settings and taken test shots to make sure all cameras have the same white balance and aperture. Be ready to film at this time.
12:30pm – 20:00pm – Film until the narrative segment of the video is complete; taking short breaks every 45mins to an hour.

Sunday 26th January –
11:45am – Take a taxi from accommodation to Quad Studios
12:15pm – Be ready and set up with test shots taken and camera checked, have band warmed up.
12:15pm – 15:00pm – Film and complete band segment of the video. Studio is booked out from 12pm until 3pm.
21:00pm – Picked up and dropped back to Coventry


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