361MC: – Confirming second and third band & research into Bad Mouth Men’s past videos

For my second band, I managed to confirm a Coventry band called Bad Mouth Men who were willing to shoot a music video with us. I believe that their unique and quirky style will be an interesting juxtaposition from the previous band of Six Broken Sticks and the band I intend to film for my final music video; Borderline.

I managed to confirm Bad Mouth Men by posting a message on the Coventry University Band Society page and they were incredibly eager to shoot a music video and so we arranged an estimated date for filming at around the end of February, which is still a few weeks off.

I had been in talks with Borderline since around December. I had spoken with the keyboardist and he was interested in being a part of the project. The only problem I faced with them was that they are essentially a covers band. As such, I may have ran into some kind of copyright claim down the line as well as the fact that there would be an existing music video for that song in the first place. I had asked them around this time if they had any original material and was told that they had one original song, Juliet, which was one of the first songs the band ever wrote when they had a different lineup many years previously. I was told that it would take the band time to re-learn the song and add a new take to it due to departure of a few of the old members. There was also the case that the song had not been recorded at a studio or mixed which would mean the band would need even more time to prep the song before we could even entertain the idea of a music video. Because of this, I have organised Borderline for the final shoot which will take place at the end of March, which will have given them the time from December through to March to have the song ready and recorded so we are ready to film.

Unlike Six Broken Sticks’s songs which created a vivid idea and theme throughout their music, which made it easy to think of a narrative idea, Bad Mouth Men’s songs pose a challenge to me to think of how I can approach this new style of band. This in itself is difficult as Bad Mouth Men themselves are hard to define under a single genre; containing elements of punk, comedy, glam and heavy metal. As such, pinning down a direction to take the video is incredibly difficult, made more so by the fact myself and the band have not settled on which song of their’s will be chosen.

For my first piece of research into how I can gain inspiration for this second music video, I have decided to look at what Bad Mouth Men have produced themselves for their past music videos so that I may eventually take similar elements from them but also add my own personal take to it.

Out of all of their videos, this is the one that is the most well produced. Although an amateur music video, I am able to see from the video the comedic elements of their performances and unique dress sense which all culminates into their high energy performance. This is an element I want to translate into my music video for them. Although this and another one of their videos is incredibly primitive in technical ability, I enjoy the quirky style and seeming mix of punk and comedy with their distinct image. I also thought that the use of camera momentum in all of the shots added to the chaotic nature of the song. That being said, the editing and video quality of the video is greatly lacking and this will be an area I will strive to vastly improve upon for my music video. I do however like the stripped down look of the setting with exposed pipes and ladders in the background which lends the video a sense of them being a garage band and makes the product a lot more rawer which compliments the audio quality of the song. From the songs that are on offer to me, it is still very difficult to construct a narrative around any of them, as the strength of the songs really comes from the performance of the band and their individual mannerisms in how they play rather than any intricate thematic narrative.

Once again, it is very difficult to think of a narrative without knowing which song will be used. It is also difficult in choosing a song as most of their catalogue of songs are around 2 minutes or even shorter. For a truly decent product as part of my FMP, I want each music video I make to be at least 3 minutes or over as I feel this allows for a greater sense of pace to be generated throughout a longer song. Overall though, I have a clear sense of what visual aspects I would like to integrate into my video; still retaining the raw and fairly primitive setting as well as making the quirky mannerisms and comedy the focus, but improving upon the current editing and technical aspects from previous videos.

 Unknown. 2013. Bad Mouth Men – Shovelin’ [Official Video]. Available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXbat9uR4eM [Accessed: 02 Feb 2014].


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