364MC: – Speaking with my Sixth Form media studies teacher

Whilst I had directly looked into the areas of freelancing and editing as part of a company, I thought it would be beneficial to speak with my previous Sixth Form media studies teacher in person who might be able to highlight an aspect of a career in editing I may have overlooked or not even thought of. Although I don’t intend to pursue the career as a media studies teacher, the school still provides great experience for me both in terms of my people skills and also trains me up on software I don’t use all that much, such as Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I have worked at the school as a media assistant during my time at Sixth Form, I have continued to go back and help just before the Summer season to help the students during their deadlines with ideas generation, filming and post-production and was the place I went to work for my professional experience.

I had a conversation with my former teacher and talked about my plans after university and if she could give me any advice for not just a career in editing but breaking into the work environment in general and what skills I might be required to have in that line of work. She said that first and foremost, standing out from the crowd and making a good impression should be at the front of you mind when going into any line of work as you are up against hundreds or thousands of others in a very competitive line of work. As well as this, she also pointed out that aside from knowledge of various types of equipment and software, you must also have incredible people skills and carry yourself professionally, especially as so much of media is based around collaboration and working as a collective team. Especially when I come to setting up my own freelance network, this will be important when I have to liaise with clients and have discussions with them about their project in order to get a sense of the overall creative vision. I never used to be incredibly confident around people and usually always had a huge inferiority complex, but this is something I have worked on over the years and working at the school has helped this out tremendously as I’ve had to cover for classes before and speak to the students as equals and have a laugh with them.

Overall, I’m confident that I have the right list of skills to eventually achieve the career I want but that it’s mostly the online identity and networking that I am currently lacking. This will be something I seek to amend as I continue with my professional practice.


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