361MC: – FMP Trailer

As I did not produce any kind of short film or documentary, the prospect of producing a trailer for all three of music videos which had no narrative in the conventional sense initially seemed like an impossible task. Whilst film trailers are often the norm in the mainstream, I can honestly say I have never seen a trailer specifically for a music video. Showing any behind the scenes footage would also kind of give the wrong impression as a trailer is meant to sell the finished product. Film trailers don’t market themselves by showing behind the scenes footage as part of the physical trailer, but may choose to do so alongside theatrical trailers or in the lead up to the film’s release. Music videos are very different. They tend to be filmed in secret or at least with a few set images taken by cast, crew or the artist or band which is often publicised on their individual websites.

The video I based most of my inspiration on was a trailer for the Download Festival 2012 advertising Metallica & Black Sabbath. I felt this was an effective trailer as it managed to generate hype at the beginning of the trailer for the bands to appear just as a person in the actual crowd would be feeling. This was a feeling I wanted to evoke in my trailer by building up excitement at the beginning of the video, building to a powerful finale where the music builds with an abrupt finish; ensuring that the viewer got every piece of information that was necessary but still leaving them with the urge to watch the three music videos in their entirety.

Another thing that was important to me was to ensure that the audience were aware from the first couple of seconds of the trailer what my FMP was about and the tone that they could expect. I drew inspiration from the font styles and grainy image as well as the shaking effect, as I feel this worked well in the trailer for Download and created a sense of restlessness and urgency which was a key feeling I wanted to instil in the viewer. I also let 10 seconds of each video play to let the viewer get a sense of the genre of the song and the visual style of the video, but being sure not to reveal too much; thus allowing them to eventually check out the full length versions of the videos if they choose to.

The 1 minute trailer for my FMP can be seen below:



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