364MC: – Idea for my portfolio

As I intend for my portfolio to be used regularly and be the most pivotal tool in my freelance career after university, I have decided that I want to create a Wix website which will be my platform for my own professional identity as an editor for my business as well as be a place to host all of the content I have work on in the past. Although I already have my Vimeo page, which I will continue to also post my content to, a website is a lot more professional and is a link that will be exclusive to me and something I can print on business cards and distribute to all future contacts I work with.

My website will contain a showreel on the home page so that someone new to the site can immediately see a short collection of the material I’ve created/worked on and get an impression of my work. From here I also include a short paragraph about myself in the form of a personal statement. This will have to include my past history with media and projects and types of material I have edited as well as my interests so that a client can get a sense of my personality and if they want to work with me. The bulk of my website will host a collection of all the best work I’ve edited and will show work from many different styles, such as short film, documentary, music videos and adverts/promos. This will show I can apply myself to a diverse range of projects and will thus expand my chance of bringing in many people I can work for. Finally, my page will have to focus on a contact page and how someone can get in touch with me if they are interested in me editing a project.

I believe that a website for my portfolio is by far the most beneficial way to broadcast myself and get myself into the public eye of media professionals. This will also serve as the basis for my business and once I distribute the site around will hopefully draw a lot of contacts in once my site gains a lot more notice.


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