364MC: – Researching freelance editor websites

As I will be creating a website for my portfolio which will serve as my entire professional network and eventual livelihood, it is necessary to make sure that is can compete with many other freelancing or editing company sites. I decided to look at two freelancing companies that deal with video editing in order to look at their typical layout, style and common elements and see how I can translate these or improve upon them for my own site.


One element that I have already decided I want to include on my own website is to have a short showreel on my homepage as I feel this is a good introductory method to someone who discovers the site for the first time. This is an element that is included on Dragonfly Productions’s website although it is kind of pushed to the side and is incredibly small and almost insignificant to the page overall. The homepage also contains an incredible amount of text which I think is quite imposing to a user and seems to contain information that could easily be included in some of the other tabs where it might be best suited. In my opinion, the homepage should always be kind of light yet eye-catching and intrigue the user to explore the rest of the website. A lot rests on the homepage as it is the user’s first impression of the site and serves as a way to judge if they think the site look professional from a mere glance.

Other notable elements include showing a diverse range of projects that the company have worked on in order to show that they can apply themselves to multiple styles and thus draw in more clients as well as listing every type of video they can work on. This is a very important factor as it doesn’t make your editing skills appeal to a very restricted or niche market as well as being an enabling technique to work with many different people.

The final elements that I want to include in my website are a contact page which will lead to a brand new email address that I have set up for the exclusive use of my career as a video editor. Dragonfly Productions also doesn’t directly list any prices for rates of their services and instead states that price is decided between them and the person who has contacted them. This is a practice I think I will use in my own site as creating set prices is a bit unreliable as the time taken for certain videos differs. For example, a 10 minute short film might end up taking a shorter amount of time to edit than a 3 -4 minute music video which requires many intricate cuts. Therefore setting a price based on length of the video seems very inconsistent with how much time it will take.

The site also uses a very simple colour scheme of white with hints of blue which keeps the site very simple but very easy to read.



I also looked at The Video Editing Company (which you can’t say is exactly a vague company name) to see if their layout and website features corresponded with those of Dragonfly Productions.

The homepage is immediately more visually striking with a large image that fades to two others; enabling the casual browser to click on any of the three pictures to take them to a particular item on the website. Unlike Dragonfly Productions, this site does give a list of prices under a series of different package options. This has made me get a sense of the kind of prices I will need to look at in the future (especially if I am to sustain myself) although when I start out, these prices seem incredibly high right out of the gate from university. This is something I will have to look deeper into in the future.

The page once again has a contact page which is just a necessity for any kind of business. However, although it gives a list of the kind of projects they specialise in, there are no example videos on their site to convince the browser, and so as a customer you would just have to kind of take the company’s word for it. This is something I will definitely not do on my site as I think it’s important to offer examples of the work that has been produced as well as being a reliable platform to host all of my content. The colour scheme is again very minimalist with white and blue used. I will also employ a very basic colour scheme on my site as in my mind it looks cleaner and more professional than if it had some kind of glaring background as it would avert the browser’s attention from the key information and the content of my actual projects.

Overall, I believe there are common elements in both which will be necessary to include in my own site, such as layout with the tabs at the top of the page and colour scheme. Content seems to be pretty consistent and I will include all of my most professional projects I have filmed/edited in the past onto the site.


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