361MC: – EPK

An EPK is an electronic press kit which is put together as a form of promotional material in order to announce, promote or generate awareness around a particular piece of media for launches, conferences or for events . These can take many forms and can be made for many different applications, such as films, television shows, documentaries or for music and bands.

It was important for me to be aware of what things are typically included in an EPK for my particular final media piece of music videos. After looking around on the internet I found the common elements that bands and musicians tend to include in their EPKs contain the following:

  • Bio pages
  • Tracks or music excerpts
  • High quality photos of the band or any key members surrounding the band
  • Tour dates
  • Links to various websites and pages of the band themselves and their music
  • Contact information

However, what I found was that these tend to be distributed on physical platforms, such as DVDs, CDs or USB devices. As we have to provide a link to our EPK, I chose to make my EPK on a PDF document format containing as many of the aforementioned items in its contents. I obviously could not provide actual playable tracks on the PDF, and so I instead provided as many links for each particular band that were on offer on the Web and included them on their respective pages.

I had taken many pictures and screen shots of the bands and so had more than enough images to populate all 11 pages of my EPK in order to keep it visually interesting. I chose to download a series of fonts in order to make each band unique in the EPKs lettering, as all of the bands do not have their own logos of font style. This made each band instantly recognisable from the font so that the viewer or reader wouldn’t get confused between all three. I also provided information about the bands’ history and future plans as well as a lyric of their song from the music video as another way to tie the PDF into the actual FMP.

Although more for a film or documentary EPK, I also felt it was necessary to credit each of the crew who helped me through the three music videos and give a brief description of the kind of things they had worked on in the past. I also provided a ‘Director’s statement’ to give a little insight into my own thought process before, during and after the fact. I feel this adds a nice dynamic to the EPK overall and accounts for not only the people in front of the camera, but also those that made it happen behind the camera.

My EPK can be found below:

Christopher Garner EPK


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