364MC: – Creating my portfolio

I decided to use Wix to create my website for my portfolio as I believe that although it is a free software, it can achieve some very professional results.

Below is the Home page. As I stated before, I wanted to keep it minimalistic and have gone with a white and black colour scheme to make things easily readable with a sleek and modern look to it. My showreel takes up the whole middle of the page with one of my most eye-catching shots I have filmed which enables it to grab the browsers’ attention from a mere glance. My banner at the top of the page clearly states my name (in order for people to remember it) and the profession I am in. They clearly get an understanding of what the website is about, what I do, and what my name is. I have also provided my professional email address at the top of the page in large bold letters to make this the focus and common feature on each page.


I have also created an About page which is designed to tell the browser a bit about my media past to show that I am qualified to handle their footage for their projects and that I am more than capable to get it looking to a professional standard. It is almost written like a personal statement on CV in content and also reveals a bit about my own personality so that the client sees me as a person who they can talk and discuss the vision and idea of their project with. I have also included a picture of myself taken from when I was on set on my FMP which shows me holding a camera which proves my media capabilities.


As stated before, it is important for a freelance editor to show that they are versatile in their editing style and to show a number of projects they have worked on across many genres and different applications and evidence of editing technique. As such, I created pages showing projects I have worked on for short film & documentary, music videos as well as other videos which contain short videos and promos. I believe this shows a diverse range of projects I have worked on and I have also provided some information on each of them to show the browser than I can apply myself to the thought process behind what I do.


Finally I have created a contact page which provides a direct message page which leads to my email contact as well as serving as a place to explain to the browser how the process goes if they want to send me a project to edit. It goes through step by step of the way in which the transaction will go so that the user can be sure of the order of things and how it works. I have also provided links to my personal Facebook page and Vimeo.



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