364MC: – Website feedback and alteration














After creating my website, I sent the site out to many of my friends who are also in the media industry to see what advice or feedback they could give me regarding all areas of my website; from content, layout, colour scheme etc

General feedback included the following:

– The site is professional in design and content
– All information is clearly laid out in an easily-readible format
– The consistent positioning of the banner and email address add continuity between the pages
– There is a lot of varied content among the collection of projects
– The showreel that automatically plays grabs the audience’s attention

However, some people raised the problem that the website was too large for their monitors and that certain parts of the website were cut off because of it; namely the email address at the top of the page as well as either side of the tab bar along the top. Whilst the tab bar was still somewhat readable, the email address being cut off obviously posed a huge problem especially considering I will be using this site as my freelancing platform which relies on the ability of people being able to contact me.

PPP Website feedback

What I have learnt from getting feedback on creating things like this is that, like screenings for various drafts of the editing process, you always get things pointed out to you that you initially did not see and makes your project better because of it. I would not have known that the website was cut off for most people as it appeared fine on my own monitor. Now I have edited the site so that it’s fine for everyone’s monitors and all features of the website can appear as normal and readable. If I continue to make any more changes to my site I will be sure to always consult people for feedback.




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