364MC: – List of contacts

Freelancing obviously relies on the ability to build up a list of contacts as part of the process of networking. As my goal is to become a freelance video editor, any contacts that could become future clients are important to note down and remain in contact with so that they remember you. Although I haven’t had email contacts with them all, I have all of their email addresses and feel it is important to evidence through screenshots the people I have contacted over email. By doing this I have also secured two other projects; one of which I will begin towards the end of May once the footage has been given to me, and one in which I will endeavour to shoot and edit over the course of the Summer.

Salvatore Finelli

As is stated in the email, Salvatore is a fashion model represented by two UK-based model agencies. Me and him have been in discussion about me shooting and edit a promo video for him which will go on his future website as he continues to promote himself. Payment was also discussed which will be incredibly important for me as a freelancer. This will also give me the chance to network more and contact the people he works with which can hopefully lead into more job opportunities.



I started my networking with him already and asked if he knew of any video editing companies and he gave me the website of a company based in London; Linney. Although it doesn’t focus itself entirely on editing or film, it contains many different areas that can be applied for and may be something I look into for the future.





James Dann

James Dann is a former student at Coventry University and was someone I got in contact with during my second year. When he was looking for an editor to put together his latest documentary (‘Rifle in my hands’ which can be seen below) my name was recommended to him purely by word of mouth. This was the most challenging piece of editing I had done at the time as it was the first official client I had ever worked for and the process was something I was very new to. I had over 200GB worth of footage on a HDD and a rough script of the English subtitles with timestamps that needed to be applied to the video also. James was impressed with my edit that I continued to work with him on two other projects following this: 2 adverts for both Zero Degrees and Outgoing for a skiing promo video as well as a showreel for him. The promo for Zero Degrees can be seen below also:

‘Rifle in my hands’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44oEVlXw-eM
Zero Degrees promo video – https://vimeo.com/58087133

I have continued to remain in contact with James to this day as he is filming many different projects all around the world. He has recently messaged me asking if I can edit a brand new showreel for him. He intends to get the footage to me around the end of May.

Contact information: jamesjoeldann@gmail.com


Katie Downing

Katie Downing is the Head of English Literature and Media Studies at The Polesworth School where I used to work and have continued to go back and help out during exam season for the last 3 years. Going back to work there gives me a lot of experience as I get to work on software I’m not completely fluent in and is therefore a good learning experience as well as work with the students which improves my people skills and ability as a teaching role. Although I asked via text message if she could write me out a reference, she is currently incredibly busy with marking and exam season and would not be able to write me one out until the end of May. As such, I just took down her email address:


Six Broken Sticks

Six Broken Sticks was the first band I worked with for my FMP to produce the music video ‘Little Rag Doll’. They were incredibly pleased with the work myself and my team produced that they have said they would like to work with us again on future projects and even recommend us to other bands and musicians. Music videos are something I had incredible fun producing and are some of my most challenging edits. This is something I would love to continue doing in the future and will hopefully secure future work.


Bad Mouth Men

Bad Mouth Men was the second band I worked with for my FMP. I spoke with their lead singer after I had produced the video for them and gave them my details and also asked for their contact incase they choose to produce any other music videos in the future:



Borderline was the third and final band I worked with for my FMP. I believe that they enabled me to create the most professional looking music video out of the three I produced and were really fun to work with. Although I’ve only had email conversations with the keyboardist regarding the organisation for my FMP, I also took down his mobile contact at the end of the filming process incase they choose to film any more videos in the future.




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