364MC: – Portfolio – Website – How well does it work?


Above is a link to my finished Wix website for my portfolio. I believe that the website is successful in layout and in terms of its visual style and has received some encouraging feedback from my peers who are involved in the media industry. The website is something I intend to obviously continue with and develop as my career progresses. I have received two confirmed pieces of future work from the success of the website so I know that the website is doing its job but it is something I will refine should work slow down.

The goal is to get the website out there to as many people as possible in order to network and gain a huge list of contacts that will hopefully eventually lead to me becoming part of an editing company. I am going to continue working with the contacts I have built a good working rapport with and I hope that the site will eventually generate a lot of interest and bring me in a lot of work.



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